Mama Mondays - Army Crawling and Batman

I was unfortunately sick through the entire Thanksgiving break, but it gave me the time to sit back and really watch my boys.

My little Willem is 8 months old now. He is the sweetest, happiest little guy, unless he is teething, which he is right now. His first tooth is coming in and it is wreaking havoc with his sleeping, poor little guy. Since this is my second time around now with the whole teething thing, I recognize that he just needs a lot of love and cuddles and attention ... and Ibuprofen!

He is on the verge of crawling, which is very exciting, but also makes me anxious, because I can tell he is going to be into everything. My first, Jack, just really didn't get into things. I can tell Willem will be different. If he wants something, he finds a way to make his way to it, but rolling, army crawling, and reaching with all his might. His favorite things to try to get are the knobs on his changing table, which are coming off and leave a screw sticking straight out at baby eyeball level, and our laptop cords. Awesome. But, it is exciting to see that he will become more mobile soon. Time to get the baby gates out soon!

Jack is beyond ready for the baby to start crawling. He gets on his hands and knees and tries to cheer the baby on and inspire him to crawl with him. Jack also likes to push the baby around in a laundry basket. They make me laugh.

I am admittedly not really a baby person. I love my own babies, but, for me, babies are very hard. They're hard to understand and read, hard because of the sleep deprivation and their absolute dependence on you for everything in the world ... just hard. It's at about the age that my baby is now, 7-8 months, that I really start to enjoy them more. I love seeing his little personality coming about. He loves to play the "Where's Mommy/Where's Willem" game with putting a blanket over our heads. He will pull the blanket off of my head and laugh and laugh. Things just become a lot more fun and rewarding to me when they can really begin to interact with you. It just doesn't seem quite as anxiety filled and stressful to me anymore, thankfully.

Jack is a handful. I LOVE this little boy to death. He is full of attitude, good and bad. I really think these Terrible Threes (which are also Hilarious and Sweet Threes too) are giving me a preview for what his teenage years might be like. He can be the kindest, sweetest little boy one minute, then a total obnoxious brat the next. Yes, I just called my kid a brat. So sue me. When he has tantrums, that is what he acts like! Most of the time it's just funny. And a little sad to me, because, I try to put myself in his shoes. I ask him, "It's hard being three isn't it?" when he's crying and he answers, "Yes! It is so hard!" I think it probably really is, to not be able to do the things you want to for yourself, to not get the things you want when you want them. Really, it IS a lot like the teen years. You're trying to assert your new independence, people don't seem to understand you, you can't always get what you want when you want it, you have teenage temper tantrums.

On the other hand, Jack has taken to referring to himself in the third person as Batman. "Batman doesn't want his diaper changed. Batman wants to pick his nose. Batman wants fruit snacks." When we were saying what we were thankful for on Thanksgiving, he thought for a second, then said, "I'm thankful for Batman." My favorite thing is his slow motion running. When we go on walks, he will randomly slow down into this slow motion run and get a very serious look on his face. He is pretending to be Batman, fighting the bad guys. One of my favorite things he has made up lately is, "Batman came to our house and sprayed the hose and killed all of the hornets. How nice of him!" Yes, thank you Batman!

I also love that he sings his own background music when he is playing dinosaurs by himself. I spy on him a lot, and I caught him having a T-Rex attack a Triceratops, humming this big dramatic music. He will also sing his own dramatic music while he is running in slow motion as Batman. I love it! I love watching him get caught up in his own little make believe world. I'm thankful that he has no idea what a video game is, or what the X-Box really does, besides play Netflix and one of Daddy's games. I love that he doesn't know what Angry Birds or who knows what is, that I have allowed him to just be a 3 year old who loves dinosaurs and his own big, wide imagination. I hope to keep it that way for as long as I can.

I am extremely thankful to have my two beautiful little boys. There was a time where I thought I would never be able to have any children at all. I am thankful for my little sons. They are the light of my life.


Camille Hammond said…
They are pretty cute boys! I'm with you on the games; Lance has a the best imagination and I think it's due in large measure to the fact that he hasn't played other video/computer games. He is also much better at entertaining himself than Lily which makes it easier. Mobile babies are tough; good luck!

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