Mama Mondays

Today I just want to write down a few funny things about my boys.

Jack likes to say that anybody that has spiky hair, or a faux hawk, has 'dinosaur hair'. Brent gave him dinosaur hair in the bath one night, and he loved it. Willem often has 'dinosaur hair', and Jack will pat the baby on the head and say, "Oh I like your dinosaur hair Willem! It looks so nice!" He asked me to give him dinosaur hair one Saturday a few weeks ago, so here he is with his dinosaur hair.
Jack and his 'Dinosaur Hair'

He is a little dancing boy. My favorite, and apparently his, is that he likes to dance to the theme song of Magnum PI right before or after he gets in or out of the bath, stark naked. We sing it for him, really fast, and he dances around the room like a little spaz. It makes me laugh so hard. His little dance moves sooo come from me.

He wants his baby brother to be his buddy so badly, but I have to tell him that it won't be quite the way he wants it to be for another year. But he asked if the baby could watch a show with him while I did the dishes, so I put the baby on his tummy by Jack and they 'watched' a show together, while I checked on them every 2-3 minutes. It was cute. Jack was placing toys out in front of the baby, telling him they were for him. He's a good older brother.

Silly boys, watching a show together

Jack is a very passionate little toddler. He will be three in 15 days. I can't believe my baby is almost three. A few days ago while I was getting the baby ready for the day, I noticed Jack was crying, kneeling by the ottoman. I asked him what was wrong and he was crying, while playing with a music box school house, where a door opens and closes and a little girl comes in and out. He would cry when the 'baby' would go away, telling her to, "Stay in your own house baby." I had to tape it, it was too funny not to. I've been trying to upload it but am having some issues.

Willem is getting so big too. He is four months old now, and is a loud, chatty, squealing little baby. It makes me so happy to hear his happy little squealing noises when he wakes up in his crib from his naps and in the morning.

I love that he always has a huge smile for his older brother, for me, for basically everyone. He is the happiest, sweetest little baby boy. He has taken to talking to himself when I'm rocking him to sleep, and it is the sweetest little sound.

I'm grateful for my sweet little boys. Life isn't perfect, and neither are they, but it's my life and they're my boys, and I'm grateful to be their mother.
My diaper babies, and my hubby.


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