Happy Birthday Baby (Now Big Boy) Jack!!

I just wanted to write a quick little Happy Birthday post to my sweet Baby Jack, who is turning 3 today.
This morning with his birthday Spiderman.
At this time three years ago, I was still in labor, watching movies and drugged by my epidural, also dealing with feeling like my hand and arm were being burned  or cut off thanks to the stupid penicillin drip going straight into my arm that the nurse forgot to dilute, due to testing positive for Group B Strep. Good times, good times.
Soon after he was born.
His sweet, crinkle nose smile that he inherited from me and the Chlarson bloodline.
That being said, I am grateful for this little boy who is teaching me how to be a parent. Poor first child. We've been through a lot together these past three years. He's been my little buddy, my shadow, my sidekick, my little twin in emotions and personality. I adore this sweet, beautiful, intelligent, articulate, wise little boy more than I could have ever possibly known.
He was such a chunk!!
I know every parent feels this way about their child or children, and I think it's wonderful. My brother, who I love but has no children, asked me a year ago what was in it for me, what's the pay off, having kids. I told him that you don't have kids in order to get something out of it for yourself. If you do, you're a moron.
Celebrating and marking his first year.

But I guess that's not entirely true. What do I get out of it, what's my pay off? I get unconditional love. No matter how many times I screw up, he forgives me. I don't know if it will always be this way. We all know the older we get, the harder it is to readily forgive someone, especially those who are closest to us and can do the most damage.
Sweet 18 month old.

I get to see somebody that I created, that grew in my body, that literally came from me and was nourished by my same body for a year, grow into this amazing, beautiful, tender hearted little person.
Handsome 2 year old.
I get to try to become a better person each and every day, because this little person, and his little brother, are counting on me every day, to lead and guide them and show them the way in this crazy, extremely messed up world.
My adventurous toddler.

So Happy Birthday Jack! We love you.
My big, 3 year old boy.


Happy Birthday, Jack! It is so fun to see all the pictures of you through the years. I honestly can't believe you're already 3; I remember you being a tiny baby!

You are such a handsome guy, and you look like a little man now. I know how happy you make your mom, dad, and brother. They love you so much.

We hope you have a very happy birthday! Eat lots of cake and ice cream, and have fun with your new dvd! :)


~ The Harpers :)

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