10 Things to Smile About

* I actually wrote this post on Friday and was going to post it then, but my internet has been down since Thursday night and just came back up today. So, it's late, and there are two posts in one day.

I'm linking up today with Emmy, to write about 10 Things to Smile About in July.

1. We had a nice, quiet fourth of July with our two boys, celebrating by going swimming, having grilled hamburgers and fireworks of course. I was amazed that my baby slept through all of the neighborhood fireworks, which were being set off until midnight. He must have been tired!
Lighting off fireworks, with glow sticks. I didn't realize that he wore a Canada shirt all day. Whoops!

2. I took my boys to a church activity where the women of our ward (congregation) could bring their sons, nephews, any boy they knew, for a cook out and kickball. My oldest had so much fun running around in the dirt and trying to kick the ball, even when it wasn't his turn, running from base to base, he didn't want to go home. He was filthy dirty by the time we got home and I had to hose him off in the shower. It was his first real shower (he takes baths). He didn't care for it.

3. I've been getting together with one of my good friends and her son weekly. We are both stay at home moms with babies, and we decided that it would be good for both of us to have a set, scheduled day that we get together each week. It has been something I look forward to weekly, to know I will have a few hours of adult interaction each Thursday. It sounds a little sad, but as a stay at home mom, it's great! I wasn't feeling too well, emotionally, yesterday, and asked her if we could cancel. But then I got my rear outside in the backyard with my sons in the fresh air, and that revived me, and I called her to come on over. It was just a short hour and a half of having lunch outside with our boys, but it lifted my spirits and helped me get through the rest of the day. I'm thankful for good friends.

I had to include this picture of said friend. She and her sister surprised me one night a month and a half ago, when I was having a very, very rough time, and took me out for sushi. This picture was taken and we laughed and laughed, because we look like we're partying hard college students. She looks all hyped up and ready to party, I look stoned. Truth is, well, she is pretty energetic, and I was still in the deep throes of struggling with Postpardum Depression. But this picture makes me laugh pretty hard.

4. I joined a ladies gym about a month ago, and have only been able to go twice. I work out at home still or go walking with my boys, but it's hard to get to the gym by myself. The two times I've been able to go have been heaven. The first time, I enjoyed myself some HGTV (I don't have cable) while speed walking on the treadmill during a thunderstorm. The second time I did a power weight lifting class that pathetically kicked my post baby butt. But it was a great natural high. Of course there was a tall, blonde, leggy 20 something girl right in front of me the whole time, but I didn't even care. I thought, "Good for her, for being hot and taking care of herself. She looks fantastic. And hopefully within a years time, I'll be looking pretty hot too!" It was actually pretty motivating to have her right in front of me.

5. Last week we went over to another friend's house for a little swim party, where my three year old proceeded to have some fun, but mostly whined, cried, and yelled at all of us and flies (yes, flies), because he was sick. By the time we were leaving, he barfed on their grass and by the time we got home, I lost it and yelled at him. Poor little dude was sick. Why is this something to smile about? Because I learned some good lessons from this experience; don't take your sick toddler anywhere, if you can help it, because they could randomly barf all over the place. And, I did get to visit with two good friends, even for just a little bit, and I got to watch Bridget Jones, The Edge of Reason while holding this sweet one during nap time.

I love baby feet.

6. My husband and I have started going out on weekly date nights. We haven't done this since before we had children, and even then, we didn't 'go out' every weekend. We've only done it three times (four tomorrow night), but I think we both feel it is greatly increasing our bond together, giving us the chance to reconnect to each other and disconnect from our other responsibilities (kids, job), even for just two hours a week. I am beginning to greatly look forward to the weekends now.

7. This past Monday was a hard day for me. I was crying a little while nursing my baby, and my three year old came up to me, put his little baby/toddler arms around my legs and said, "I'm sorry mom. Life is hard." Some of the things he says astound me. I definitely feel that his soul is older than mine, and that he is a wise little soul. I love my little man.

8. My sweet baby is beginning to 'come alive'. I love this stage of babyhood, when they get out of the newborn lump stage. I know some people just love newborns. I, sorry, do not. I love my babies of course, but, I love it when they hit this stage more, when they are smiling, laughing, talking, cooing, squealing, interacting, and well, coming to life, or coming into who they are. My little dude loves to chat it up. Here is a video of him. He's adorable.

9. I love summer time, except for the heat, but even then, I don't mind it too much. I love being able to play outside with my older son, to lay on the hammock, play with bubbles and sticks, sidewalk chalk, swimming pools and sprinklers, dig in the dirt, have picnics outside. Having a toddler is giving me the chance to be a kid again too, and when I'm not too worn out, I love it. I love having fun with my little guy.

10. I'm happy that I am beginning to feel like myself again. Some days are still far better than others, especially if I haven't slept well the night before. But I'm happy to feel a sense of normalcy returning again. The boys nap at the same time, my baby is beginning to nap better during the day, and I am beginning to slowly feel like myself again in all ways; emotionally, physically, creatively, mentally and spiritually. Hopefully, August will be that much better.


Emmy said…
Thank you so much for linking up, sorry I was so slow about coming and commenting. My kids started school this last week and just haven't figured out my new routine yet. So glad you have a good friend to hang out with, as a stay at home mom you really do need that someone to talk with. Plus just good to have some friends for your kids too.
We have a workout class at church three days a week, it is great as the kids just run around the gym while we work out, and it's free of course so gotta love that.

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