Jack Turns 2, Trip to Oklahoma, and Some VERY Big News!!

My Little Buddy turned 2 on August 19. I can't believe he's already two. Time is flying by so quickly ... and some days so slowly. We went to visit my in-laws in Oklahoma again this year for Jack's birthday.

We had a FANTASTIC time! They always pull out all the stops. I love going to visit them, because I feel so comfortable in their home. I feel as if it is my own parent's home, that I could go get something to eat out of the fridge or pantry and they wouldn't care. We only really get to see them once a year, maybe twice if we're lucky, so we're always super excited to go out and visit. Last year was my first time in Oklahoma. That being said, I thought I would be prepared for the humidity again. Not so. They even said it was a much cooler summer than last summer about 10-15 degrees cooler. I couldn't tell the difference at all. Also, I swear all of their bugs are seriously on steroids down there! They are HUGE and seriously freak me out. I'm glad I don't live there for that reason, and tornadoes. But really, it is a beautiful place, with a lot of flat country, but a lot of rolling green hills and densely forested trees as well. I was surprised by this.

We got in late on a Wednesday night, and the next day we just kind of took it easy. That night we went to dinner at Pop's, a cool restaraunt/diner along Route 66 in Arcadia. We decided to eat there our first full night there, because they have a selection of about 400 different kinds of soda pop. Last year we went on our last night there, bought a six pack, and had to sample all of it in one night. It was fun, and wasn't. So, we decided to go our first night this time so we would have all of the different kinds of pop to sample throughout our week there. Along the way, there is a church that has a gigantic cross out in front of it that I badly wanted to take a picture of last year but didn't. So, my in-laws humored me and stopped so I could have my picture with the huge cross. It really is gigantic!

Jack was pretty good at dinner, but loved playing on the grass in their outdoor dining area with some other kids. There is a huge pop bottle in front of Pop's that lights up in neon, spinning lights at night, so we took our picture by it. I love Pop's. It's just a fun place to go. And the milk shakes are very good. (Although mine did have me up half the night).

The next day we went to Oklahoma City's science museum. It's a very interactive, fun museum with all sorts of fun activities for kids of all ages to participate in. Jack had the time of his life, watching the trains, playing on the giant tree house, climbing through holes, but mostly, playing with water and bubbles. He didn't take a nap that day and was pretty wiped out by the end of the day.

The day after that we all went to the Oklahoma City Zoo. I was excited for this, to watch Jack watch the animals, and was really dreading it, because I seriously do not do well in heat and humidity for long periods of time. It freaking wore me out. But it was a lot more fun this year to take Jack because he was a lot more interested and excited in the animals. He LOVED the elephants, his favorite, and the elephant show. He also loved the tigers and giraffes.

Sunday we went to church and then took it easy the rest of the day ... or tried to. We came home from church, had lunch, and I put Jack down for a nap. I went to use the bathroom, only to hear him open his bedroom door and run out and start to play with 'gucks' (trucks). Grandma has a huge bin of cars and trucks and a cool car rug, along with some wooden blocks, and Jack was completely in heaven playing with these the whole time we were there. I came out and got him and put him back to bed, and he had a royal fit. He tried to come out of the room 3 more times. He was sleeping on a trundle bed there, but still sleeps in a crib at home. This was the first time on the whole trip he had done this, and we battled with him for an hour and half to take a nap. I have to admit, it was a little funny to see him open the door (they have latch door handles on all their doors, so he could open them; this made me very grateful I don't have these door knobs at home!), and peek his cute little face out, smiling, and saying, "Gucks!" I finally just let him stay awake. He was pretty happy and fine the rest of the afternoon. After dinner we all went for a walk ... and of course he completely zonked out in his stroller. Of course. :)

Monday was Jack's birthday, and my in-laws absolutely catered to his every whim. He had the time of his life! He got to eat Crunch Berries for breakfast, play trucks with Grandpa, and help Grandpa wash his truck. He was out there for probably an hour, helping with his own little sponge. He had so much fun, and I'm grateful Jack has a very patient Grandpa! Grandma let him play 'waters' for at least a half hour. This consists of pulling a chair up to the kitchen sink and playing with all sorts of bowls and cups while the faucet runs. A terrible waste of water, I know, which is why at home he only gets to do it if I am doing the dishes or making dinner (it keeps him occupied and out of my way). She even spoon fed him shells and cheese for lunch so he could still stand there and play with the 'waters'.

My mother-in-law helped me make Jack an elephant cake, which I think turned out adorable. I am not gifted in this area, so it was nice to have some help and took away some of my fear to attempt something for him next year. Jack loved his elephant cake and still laughs and claps his hands when he sees pictures of it.

They got him his favorite food for dinner, pizza. Seriously, this kid was so spoiled! :) After dinner we had him open his presents, then blow out his candles and have cake and ice cream. We were excited Great Grandma could be there for the day as well. Jack had an absolutely fabulous day and I am so grateful he has such a thoughtful and loving Grandma and Grandpa. They made his day.

That night as I was putting Jack down to bed, after we had read stories and sang songs, I held him and asked him if he had had a good birthday. I then told him, crying, how much I loved him and how the last two years have been some of the happiest in my whole life. He was so sweet and just sat there quietly looking up at me, taking in every word I was saying. I asked him to tell me about some of his favorite things that day and he jabbered away. I am SO grateful to have had my first born be such a sweet, tender hearted, thoughtful, good little boy. I prayed for this. I know he's only two, but I know him. He is a good little boy and I'm so lucky he is my son.

The next day we hung out, then we had to go to the airport to fly home. When we said goodbye to my mother-in-law at the airport, we were emotional and she was crying when she got in her car to leave. It is hard, only being able to see each other once a year. I was thinking while we were there, that I was really sad we don't live closer so Jack can just run over and say hi and hang out. This is why when we do visit, we have to try to make every day count as much as we can. I am grateful for Skype and Facebook, these things help of course. But, I do wish we lived closer. I am greatly blessed to have such kind and thoughtful in-laws. I know some people hate or dislike their in-laws, so I am very grateful to feel loved and accepted by them and hope they know I love them. Hopefully we'll see them in less than another year!

And to round out this mega post, I'm excited to announce that ...

I am pregnant! Jack will have a little brother or sister come and join him in March 2014. We are very happy and excited for this. It has been a little bit of a roller coaster in that we were told two weeks ago that we were most likely having twins. That completely rocked our world. The doctor told us to come back two weeks later to do another ultrasound to really confirm it.

The last two weeks have been some of the longest two weeks of my life. Seriously. The anxiety and not knowing for sure has been killing me. I completely freaked out the day we were told it might be twins. I was crying pretty hard, and not tears of joy. But, over the last two weeks we've had time to adjust to the idea and then became extremely excited for it and kept praying and hoping it really was twins. Today we went and did another ultrasound and found out that sadly, it is not twins anymore. We were very sad and have cried a little tonight. We were really hoping for it.

But, I am beyond grateful and blessed that there is still one baby and it appears to be healthy and going strong. It made me happy that it appeared to be waving at us on the screen during the ultrasound. We had to now adjust to the news that it would not be twins, but one baby. But, I started listing all of the positive things about not actually having twins at this time in our lives. I am relieved in a lot of ways ... still sad, but I'm okay. I prayed that the right thing for our family would happen and it appears that it has.

That being said, I am very happy to look at the little ultrasound picture and see a tiny little blob-peanut waving at me, as if to say, "Hey Mom and Dad, it's all good. I'm just hanging out in here, waiting to come!" We are happy, excited, and blessed. In the meantime, I am grateful for the little family I have. :)


Unknown said…
Soooo much fun to have you visit for a week! And - least anyone think I have a blatant disregard for the earth's water resources... Our water comes from a well on our property and once leaving the faucet to go down the drain, it is corralled in an aerobic sewer that cleans it up and sprinkles back onto the property in the wee hours of the morning, allowing it to water the vegetation and absorb back into the water table. :)
MamaMimi said…
Ok. I cried. What a wonderful post; what wonderful news; what a wonderful family. Love you all.

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