No Handy, Dandy Tips Here, Just Life

I haven't been much into blogging lately. I go in and out of really caring about it and also in and out of caring about if random strangers are reading about my life and looking at pictures of my kid. Sometimes I don't care. Sometimes it creeps me out. So if you are a random stranger, don't feel bad, I'm not trying to insult you. I mostly write this blog to keep a record of my family's events and print it out at the end of each year as a family journal. I also do it so my family and close friends (and probably some Facebook stalkers I have no idea about) can keep up on my oh so fascinating life. It is what it is. I'm not trying to make money, I have no creative, handy dandy tips to offer you for your home (that's what Pinterest is for, right?), it's just me and my life. Take it or leave it.

Jack (I decided that so few people actually read this blog, that I'm going to start calling Buddy by his real name now) and I have been having a lot of fun lately. He really cracks me up. The other day I went in to get him from his nap and found his hair like this.

I call it his Mike Brady hair. Suddenly it's getting a lot curlier.

One day I was working on my computer on the couch and he was playing, standing up to the couch. I looked down at him and noticed he was blinking really strangely at me. I then realized he was trying to wink at me. He was smiling really big. His other big thing is to stick his finger, or both fingers up his nose. He thinks he's hilarious. Awesome. He can say 'Mama' and 'Amen'. He tries to mimic us all he can, especially when we're talking to the XBOX/Kinect, telling it what to do on Netflix (it is voice activated, which is pretty cool). Now when we turn on the TV, he immediately starts commanding the TV to do something.

Things have been extremely stressful lately. I'm trying to have faith that things will work out for my little family in the long run. In the mean time, I am trying hard to stay positive and to focus on the true meaning of Christmas, which for me is the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm doing a little advent calendar type thing every day with Jack where we read a Christmas book every day and do a little activity/craft to go with it. Nothing big. He IS only 15 1/2 months old after all. I already had some Christmas books, but checked the rest out from the library. Today was A Christmas Carol and I want to watch Mickey's Christmas Carol, if I can track it down. It's just something fun for us to do to count down to Christmas.

Today we attempted to take a family picture after church, with our camera self timer, for our annual Christmas card. Yes, more effort should probably put into it, but, funds are low right now, so you take what you can get!

Here are a few of the outtakes for our Christmas card picture.

I'm sure my husband would be very thrilled to know I've put these on here. What he doesn't know won't hurt him. We were too lazy to make our cat Sophie move out of the picture. I actually wanted her in the picture, for real, but hubby said no. Poor Sophie. At least her butt is in the picture.

Here are our serious attempts (minus the one in the top left hand corner of course).

And finally, the end result.


Mary said…
I love his name! I just always thought his name was Buddy. :-) You guys are so cute.
Suzie Q said…
Thanks Mary! I like his name too. I always planned on naming a boy Jack. I want you to know I have gottensome really good tips from your blog! :)

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