Thanksgiving 2012

We had a great, low key Thanksgiving with just the three of us here at home. A lot of people think that is weird, that we didn't spend it with any 'family', but to them I answer, "I DID spend Thanksgiving, with MY family." We're going to go see my family for New Years, so it's all good.

I have wanted to start some traditions now that it's not just me and the hubs. We have had our own traditions together these past ten years, but now that I have a child, I am sooooo excited to start having traditions with him.

The problem is, is that I procrastinated on our Thanksgiving traditions and one of them didn't happen, but two out of three ain't bad. I had all these leaves cut out from a project I never finished (that's pretty typical of me, unfortunately, especially when I really don't know what I'm doing), so I thought we could pick 10 of them I write something we're grateful for, then create a hanging leaf garland to hang in the kitchen. Yeah ... that didn't happen. Instead, we just did the typical "What are you thankful for this year?" thing at dinner time. Oh well.
Watching the Macy's Parade. He was so thrilled about it.

Trying to take a picture, but he kept doing this ...

sticking his finger up his nose. He thinks he's hilarious when he does it.

But, I decided that from here on out for one of our Thanksgiving traditions, I wants us to do something active in the morning, since we'll be stuffing our faces the rest of the day (and weekend too, let's be honest). I know a lot of families do a family football game or something. I'm actually not really huge into sports, but I think it would be fun to do something like this with your family. Since my son is only 15 months old and he's the only child right now, it was more like a play-with-inflatible-balls-in-the-backyard-then-go-on-a-walk-around-the-neighborhood kind of active game instead. Whatevs, it worked. We had fun.
Our outdoor adventures. We live on the edge here!

The day went perfectly. We worked on setting the table with all of our nice silverware and things in the morning and some of the food, did our active outside thing, put baby down for his nap, had some down time ourselves, then finished Thanksgiving dinner while baby finished sleeping, and had Thanksgiving dinner when he woke up. Perfect timing. The dinner was delish, although we learned that Buddy does not really care for turkey. The fool!
Buddy started dinner off right, with some fake, plastic red cabbage. Mmmmm.

Hubby and Buddy

We relaxed the rest of the day (after doing dishes of course), had some awesome caramel apple pie with egg nog ice cream (sounds disgusting, but I promise it was good), put Buddy to bed, then the hubby and decided to complete the Thanksgiving Day traditions with watching every single Thanksgiving "Friends" episode. I made it through six out of ten, he made it through two. He was so exhausted from this entire month of working hard, that he was out of it. It was pretty hilarious when he would suddenly wake up and make a comment on the episode, laughing, then five seconds later would be snoring. He says he has no memory of doing said things.

Another post-Thanksgiving tradition we have had since we got married is pulling out all of the Christmas decorations the day after. I kind of didn't want to to it, since it makes my already small home feel even more cramped, but I have to admit, there is just something so peaceful and calming about the Christmas tree. It took us two days to take down all of the Fall decor and put everything back together from Thanksgiving and put up the Christmas decor, but we're all done! We have a Polar Express train that runs around around Christmas tree and Buddy was SO excited to watch the train go around and around. My cat Sophie likes the train too, but this time, poor thing, Buddy stepped on her tail, which sent her running under the tree, only to be hit by the train. She was not smiles times (quoting "30 Rock" here).
I'm glad he finds "Friends" as exciting and entertaining as we do! (Pay no attention to the mess in the background. Like I said, we were pulling things out and putting them away. I promise I'm not messy).

Buddy enjoying the Polar Express train and my decorated living room!

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Back to work tomorrow! I don't work, outside of the home anyway, but I am sad to see hubby go back to work. It's been nice to spend the last four days together, all three of us.

This is a cute video of Buddy watching the train. He keeps lifting up his shirt, all of the time these days, because he has a fascination with belly buttons, mine in particular. He thinks it's hilarious to poke at mine and smacks my stomach. I don't know if I should be offended that he laughs and points at my bare belly (I know I just want to cry and point at it), or just laugh. (I laugh. Also, I took the video with my old crappy camera, that's why it's not too great, but enjoy).

In the meantime, I am staring my hard-core, post-Thanksgiving diet tomorrow, along with probably most of America. I found out we're having family pictures taken at the end of December. Crap. I really don't want to look like the huge bloated whale that I am right now. The most I can hope for though is to lose half of the weight I want to lose, within the next month, if I am hard core about it. Here's to hoping. But do I regret my Thanksgiving splurging? Nope!


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