Playing Catch Up

The last month has been crazy, which is why I haven't posted very regularly. This is my attempt to catch up.These pictures are a little late, but I wanted to post some of our Halloween pictures. Buddy went as a cute little giraffe. We went to Barnes and Noble on Halloween in the morning and did a story time/trick or treat thing there. He looks thrilled, doesn't he?
He did enjoy the girly wand he got as one of his 'treats'. He's enjoyed it so much so, that he uses it to dig around in the dirt and leaves while I'm raking leaves in the backyard. Yeah, no worries, he's still all boy. We didn't take him trick or treating that night, because, what's the point. He's still too little to even get it or even eat the candy. It annoys me when people take a kid that young trick or treating, because you know the parents will be eating the candy, not the kid. Anyway, he had much more fun 'helping' me pass candy out to the kids anyway.

He also helped us carve pumpkins in our backyard out on the deck. Ignore the awesome apron I'm wearing over my clothes. Or don't ignore it. It's your choice. In any case, Buddy had a lot of fun helping.

My Hubby went as the Brawny Man for Halloween at his work. He carried his paper towels around with him all day, although a lot of people still didn't 'get it'. Before we had Buddy, we just had our cat Sophie. She's worn the same Halloween costume for probably 6 years now. It's a little necktie, which makes her look oh so professional. We still have to get a picture with her every year, because she's part of the family too.
Our carved pumpkins. Mine is the happy one, my hubby's is the mad one. We just drew a face on one for Buddy.

After we got Buddy into bed, Hubby and I enjoyed our annual Halloween tradition of making and eating caramel apples with m&m's on them and watched a scary movie. This year we watched Dial M for Murder, which isn't really scary but is more classic suspenseful. It was a great Halloween!

About a week before Halloween we got a big storm which took down three or four huge branches on the trees in our backyard. Buddy got a kick watching my husband cut the huge branches down.

I bought Buddy a shopping cart that came with a bunch of fake little food and food cartons. He LOVES his shopping cart. He runs up and down the floors with it and dumps his fake food in my Kitchenaid mixer, which sits on a shelf close to the floor in my kitchen. I've caught him doing some pretty funny things lately. For example, I found him rolling around my bedroom floor with a bunch of maxi pads. Somebody needs to tell him that isn't big wads of cash he's rolling around in! My husband taught him how to climb onto the chair in our bedroom. How does he do this? He runs to the chair, sticks his little leg straight out like a ballet dancer, and waits for us to come and give him a boost up into the chair. I did this for him one morning while I was getting ready and caught him just chillaxing, watching some Rachael Ray. He cracks me up.
On the left, I love how relaxed he is watching Rachael Ray. He loves to clap with the audience when they clap.

I took him with me last Friday to do some early voting. We luckily only had to wait in line for a half hour. I'm sooooo glad I went that day, because I can't imagine having to wait in line with him any longer than that. He was very good though, until of course I got right up to stick my card into the machine to vote and he started having a coniption. So, I took him out and held him and he 'helped' me vote, by trying to press the buttons himself. Don't worry, he didn't mess with my vote for president (not like it mattered in the end anyway). But, I was still happy to take him with me and to give him very early exposure into our democratic process. He even got his own 'I Voted' sticker (picture posted above).

Buddy loves playing with his dad. Like most dads, my hubby isn't around too much because he's working, until the weekend, so he and Buddy play it up big time on the weekends. Buddy thought my hubby's Halloween mustache was hilarious. I myself found it disturbing. All three of us were sick with colds last Saturday. I was lying in bed and my hubby was lying on the ground, napping, when Buddy decided to find a nice comfy seat ... on my hubby's neck. Sounds very comfortable. I also found them reading stories together one night. Nothing melts my heart like seeing my little boy having fun with his dad.

Lastly, Buddy has just really been making me laugh a lot lately. I love his little sense of humor, and I love that he thinks I'm pretty dang funny too. At night, after stories and prayers, I hold him for a minute and sing him some songs before I put him in his crib. One night he went to give me a kiss on the mouth, full on open mouthed, and I went, "Blehh!!" This made him laugh so hard. So now that is what he does every single night. The first night he kept doing it and I kept saying, "Blehh!" We were both laughing so hard we were crying. I love moments like that. I also love that he's becoming a lot more affectionate and cuddly. It's just the best feeling in the world!


in the coop said…
The toddler age that Buddy is in is one of my favorites. I could just eat him up he's so cute! I love the tradition you and your husband have for Halloween. Thanks for the update. How is your theater job going?
Mel said…
Looks like it's been a great month! Love your Halloween tradition of making carmel apples and watching a scary movie. As always, Buddy is adorable.
Suzie Q said…
Thanks for asking how the theater job is going. We're coming along slowly, but it's fun. Thanks for catching up with me! :)

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