My Attempt to Copy Pottery Barn

About a month ago I got the Pottery Barn Kids catalog in the mail. This is one of those guilty pleasure things for me, meaning I look through the catalog, wish I could buy things from it, try to get a few ideas to buy things like it but cheaper, then throw it away.

They had some cute little Trick or Treat bags that I was really tempted to buy, but then decided, "Hey! I could probably make something close to that!" I'm not the world's craftiest person, by any means, but every now and then I get inspired.

Here is the bag from the Pottery Barn Kids catalog:

And here is the one I ended up making for my son:
Front Vies

Back View - I know the last name is crooked. I need to fix it ... maybe. I might be too lazy to do it.

I just got some felt for the bag and handle, foam for the bottom, then bought the little decorations at Michael's and just hot glued them on. It's not perfect by any means, but I'm pretty dang proud of myself for just figuring it out as I went along.

I hope it's one of those things years down the road where my son will be so excited to get out his Trick or Treat bag every year (until he's too cool for it or it falls apart). I remember my mom made our Christmas stockings for us with our initials on it. We were so excited to get our stockings out and hang them above the fireplace (we had an awesome 1970s rock wall with built in stone shelves, so we hung them above the fireplace).

In the meantime, here is Buddy (I guess everybody knows his real name now, thanks to the bag, but we always call him Buddy around here, so I'm still going to refer to him as Buddy) wearing his latest fashion accessories. They're giant mittens from a book called The Tickle Monster. The monster in the book has paws like that, so he wears one and I wear one when we read it and he gets tickled. He loves wearing them around the house.

Also, here is a hilarious video of Buddy making growling noises. He cracks me up.

PS - Yes, I know my son is named after the lead singer of The White Stripes. This was not on purpose. But is it cool? Yes.


Steff said…
I think your's is way cuter! Love how it turned out!! :)
Hoenes Family said…
He is adorable Suze. I gave baby growls. GREAT job on your bag! You should be super proud of yourself for sure!
in the coop said…
Nice job on the bag! Much better than the overpriced version. The video is awesome. He is so stinking cute!
Nice job on the bag! I made a Haloween craft from an idea I saw in Pinterest. It turned out well, but took forever!!

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