Mama Mondays - My Little Helper

Buddy has been a lot of fun lately. I really love the little person he is turning into. His biggest thing right now is to do whatever I am doing and be my little helper. I was sweeping the floor one morning last week and he followed me around, completely in awe of what I was doing. I decided to let him play with the swiffer duster and have his own 'broom'. He loves it! As soon as I gave it to him he immediately started 'sweeping' in the same places I had swept and even took his broom to the garbage can to empty the dirt. I was amazed. I didn't fully realize just how intently he had been watching me. This kind of freaks me out a little bit, in the sense that I really need to watch what I say and do in front of him now.
So excited to be 'sweeping'!

He also loves the vacuum. He yells at it with excitement and follows right by my side as I vacuum the stairs. I want to get him one of those little old school popper vacuums for Christmas, as well as a shopping cart.

He also thinks it's cool when I use a lint roller to get Sophie's fur off the couch. This morning I let him use his own lint roller and he helped my lint the couch off. He is a great helper with laundry too (I'm being sarcastic here). He does like to help me sort the laundry, mostly because it involves throwing clothes into different piles. He just likes the throwing clothes part and thinks it's hilarious. It's not too helpful when I'm folding the clean clothes and he reaches in and pulls out everything I just folded. Oh well.

He is now full on saying "Mom" and "Mommy". He mostly walks around just muttering it, "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom" but he also knows it's my 'name'. He started to say "Dad" as well this week, which made my hubby extremely happy of course.
Pushing his truck up and down the block. I love the look of sheer determination.

Little Buddy LOVES to explore outside. He pushes his put-put bike up and down the block, but mostly likes to drive it across the street and push it around the huge church parking lot. He loves the parking lot and finds all sorts of special treasures to put in his mouth there, like bits of tar, huge and tiny rocks, walnut shells (don't ask me why those are in the parking lot) and of course grass, leaves, and sticks. He gets angry when we have to cross the street and go back home.

I decided that I'm going to try to have Fun Fridays mostly every Friday, if we can. Don't get too excited, there's not a whole lot of extravagant things you can or want to do with a 14 month old, but for example this past Friday we went to the city park. Buddy loves this park because there are all sorts of crazy, fighting ducks and geese there, bridges and flowing water, a big playground, and lots of ample space to push his bike and explore. The extra big bonus is that it is across the street from the high school where there are a lot of fast cars and trucks pulling out of the parking lot. We fed the ducks first and oh my goodness are they aggressive. The seagulls freak me out, because they yell at you and the other birds if they don't get bread. There was one goose that stalked us throughout the entire park. Seriously, it followed us EVERYWHERE! I was amazed we didn't find it staring and waiting for us at the the bottom of the slide. It creeped me out. We ate our lunch on the grass just in time to watch the high school kids zoom out of the parking lot for their lunch, which of course highly entertained Buddy. He had a fit when we had to go home.
Pushing his bike at the park.

He was so excited to find his treasured leaf.
So, back to my idea of Fun Fridays. I just want to save that day to go do something fun with him, if I can or am up to it. I've been thinking of things to go do when winter comes, like sledding at the park. He'll probably like that. I want to take him to some museums, especially the Treehouse Museum in Ogden (from what I hear, a fun children's museum). I think he would love it there. I've also been thinking of more laid back 'fun' things to do, like make cookies and watch a fun movie, build a fort, finger/body paint. What are some fun things some of you do with your kids?

In any case, I'm loving this little dude, even when he's having his little temper tantrums. For the most part, he is a very good, obedient, fun loving little guy.
Even when he makes a mess ...


Sandra said…
My youngest is 9 years old. And now I so wish I had set aside time like you are planning on doing. Good for you for making the most of all the time when they are little. I know it's such a cliché, but they do grow up so fast. PS: He is soooo cute! He made my uterus throb!
in the coop said…
Fun Friday is a great idea. I have always enjoyed taking my kids to do odd and fun things. We even went to our airport to watch the airplanes and walk around. Play-dough, paint, "craft day", all good for winter. I've also gotten a whole bunch of rice, put it in a big tote, and let the kids use it as a sandbox. We'd pull it out every week or so. Balloons are fun, too. Enjoy those days. I know that adorable little boy will!
Mel said…
Well, now I've gone and died from the cuteness. I mean, seriously, he is absolutely adorable! And that is a really great age.
Suzie Q said…
I agree, he is cute! :) Good ideas, thank you for sharing them!
Yeah, those ducks aren't as cute as the ones in the commercials! Love the fun Friday's idea. When I was out of work a while back (little girl was barely 2) I would go to the play area in the mall before nap time. It gave her a chance to run around a bit and mommy a chance to window shop!

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