7 Quick Takes: A Great Week

I thought it would be fun to link up today with http://www.conversiondiary.com/( more like tonight, since I am writing this at 10:07 PM Mountain Standard Time) for 7 Quick Takes Friday.

1. Little Buddy hates the doctor.

Buddy has been having horrible diarrhea (sorry if that's gross, but, I don't care; deal with it) for two months now. I took him to a new pediatrician on Tuesday morning and already really like this place a lot better. It had nice, kid friendly murals on the wall, a little tree house to play in, and separate waiting rooms for sick kids and healthy kids. The new doctor was very nice and so was the nurse. This made no difference to my son though. He cried hard as soon as the nurse and doctor barely touched him. You can imagine how much fun it was when they drew blood from his tiny arm while I held one are down and another nurse held down another. I have never heard him cry so hard in his young life. He was shaking and so was his voice. I almost started crying at the end, but held it together. It's all hopefully for a good purpose, an allergy test, to see if his stomach problems are due to something he's eating.

2. My doctor rocks!

Wednesday morning I had to go to my yearly exam (so much fun, as always). I won't bore or disgust you with the details, but when all the business was said and done, my doctor said, "You're in pretty good shape after having your baby a year ago! What are you doing to stay in shape?"

I wanted to laugh really hard, and then hug him really hard, because in my own eyes, I am NOT in good shape. But in all reality, it was the real dose of reality that I needed. I thought, "Well, if an actual medical professional thinks and says I'm in good shape, then I must be, right?" He made my whole day. Funny how something as small as that can make you walk a little taller and feel a little more confident! I don't look like a supermodel or an elite athlete, but I realized I do look like a healthy mom, and I am completely cool with that.

3. I have nice neighbors.

One of my friends in my neighborhood was nice enough to watch Buddy for me while I went to the doctor. I used to rely heavily on my sister for things like this. She used to live right around the corner from me, but moved an hour away two months ago. It's moments like that, when I really need some help and then realize I think I don't have anybody to actually help me out. But, this nice friend was more than happy to have Buddy come over and play. He had a lot of fun with her four year old daughter and it made me happy that he had the chance to play with someone besides me for a change! Thanks friend for your much needed help! :)

4. Even Toddlers Have Bad Days

Thursday Buddy and I went over to another friend in my neighborhood's house to make sugar cookies. There were five little kids there, counting Buddy. I was hoping he would have some fun, but he is teething right now (has four teeth coming in at once) and was in a super clingy/cranky mood before we even went over, so a large portion of our time there was spent with me holding him, him playing then crying, crying, and sitting on my lap. Oh well, even toddlers have bad days. It was still fun!

5. Best Friends are Awesome

Thursday night Buddy and I went to dinner with one of my best friends. It's not a huge deal, but I really like spending time with this friend. We have a lot of things in common. We used to teach at the same school (she's still teaching, I'm not), she teaches art, I taught Art Humanities, we're both a little quirky, but in an endearing way (I like to think anyway), and she's just one of the nicest people I've ever met. I was grateful for her last minute call to see if we wanted to go out with her, because my hubby has been working late every night this week and I was a little down about being 'alone' again that night with Buddy, so, it brightened my night.

6. I have a hard working hubby.

Like I said above, hubby has been working late all week and mostly the week before. We've hardly spoken this week. Last night as I was trying to fall asleep while watching Gilmore Girls and he was snoring up a storm next to me even with a nose strip on, I was feeling depressed about our relationship and also sad about the fact that Buddy hadn't seen his dad all week. But then I pulled my head out of my rear end and realized that I'm sure my hubby hasn't been particularly thrilled with not being home. He's exhausted. I'm grateful for all he does for us. His energy is amazing to me. I couldn't do it, nor would I want to.

7. I got to see my sister!

I was so happy to be able to go visit my sister today.  She is building a beautiful home and I love being able to go and see it in progress. They're hoping to be in by the end of next month. Buddy had SO much fun playing with his little cousin who is four months older than him. They were so cute together, pushing their stroller and shopping cart around the house. They played very well together, or rather at this age, played very well by each other. I was just happy they weren't fighting over toys with each other. Buddy was very comfortable at my sister's home and with her kids, but then again, her kids are extremely easy to be around. My little five year old niece kept hugging and kissing Buddy, saying, "I love you (Buddy)!" It was just nice to be able to hang out with my sister. I always have bittersweet feelings when I leave though. I'm very happy to have been able to spend time with her, but then I'm sad because I remember when she lived around the corner from me and I'd just go over and hang out all the time for no reason at all. In any case, I'm very happy she only lives an hour away. I'm also grateful Buddy was great in the car on the way there and back as well!
My nephew found these glasses on the road on the way home from school. We decided to be hipster dorks. (Okay, I decided; they have no idea what a Hipster is).
It's been a great week!


Megan said…
Love the hipster glasses pics! Too cute!
in the coop said…
It is so hard when our husbands have to work late so often. When the kids were young, I had to continuously tell myself, "He is not choosing to work late. He would rather be here with us." just so I wouldn't get bitter and angry with him. I'm so glad you are finding fun things to do with people you enjoy!

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