The Adventures of Suzie Homemaker

For those who care, I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. It has been a crazy past two weeks. My Little Buddy is finally getting better after a two week, horrible stomach virus which resulted in awful, bleeding diaper rash, non-stop faucet-running nose and finally resulting in a fever for two days in which he ended up falling asleep on me, nose and slobber running all over my shirt while we watched cars. Ah, motherhood!

Truth be told, that was probably the only highlight of him being sick; lots and lots of cuddle time! He was so sweet and I loved being able to hold him a lot, even though it was exhausting, because he doesn't let me hold him for too long anymore, unless we're having story time.

As a result of all of this, I am now sick. I felt myself getting sick at the beginning of last week but was able to hold it off until it full blown hit me Friday night. At least it hit on a weekend when my hubby is home and has been so nice to entertain Buddy a lot of the time.

I'm excited to start a beginning sewing class for adults in about a week and a half. I took sewing lessons when I was in third or fourth grade in a lady's basement after school. She had a little class called "Kids Can Sew" and had all of these sewing machines set up in her basement. We learned just the very, very basics and ended up making a sewing bag. As a result, I was really interested in sewing as a child and my mom helped me make a 'cute' outfit in seventh grade for the summer. I was obssessed with sunflowers at the time (it was 1994 and they were really big back then, although in all honesty, I still love them), and we found some 'cute' material with sunflowers printed on them. This resulted in dark blue shorts with sunflowers and a blue and white checkered vest with sunflowers and daisy buttons to go with them. I thought I was SO cute! I even bought fake sunflowers at the craft store and hot glued them on to elastics and wore them in my hair, with the outfit. I'm not making any of this up.

My mom is a great seamstress, in my opinion. She made several of my Halloween costumes and costumes for my school plays clear through high school. She also made most of my prom dresses, since back then the option for cute and modest prom dresses did not exist. My choices were to either look like a hooker-in-training or Froline Maria from The Sound of Music. So, my dresses were 'custom made'. I was grateful to have a mother with that talent.

As time went on, I attempted some more projects (trying to cut  and sew grunge, baggy jeans into capris did not look so well) and somewhat failed. My mom bought all of the women in my family sewing machines one Christmas when I was in early college. I know that everyone has used theirs. I attempted to use mine right after I got it and broke it right away. I was so scared that my mom would be mad (yes, I was still afraid of my mom even at 19 years of age), that I quickly put it back in its case and didn't pull it out again until two months ago.

I finally got it out because I wanted to sew a back onto a blanket I had cross-stitched for my son. I was going to pay someone else to do it, but then thought, that's ridiculous. It's probably a very, very easy thing to do and I just need to learn how to do it. So, I took the machine in to get fixed and $70 later, with the help of a sewing friend, I got the job done!

I did have a brief stint of working in the costume shop for my theatre practicum when I was getting my second BA degree in Theatre Education. They always gave me the easiest possible jobs, and I always managed to screw them up and have to start over again, and even broke a needle on a machine, but I'm grateful for their patience and even their trust in me to use a surger. I was sweating the entire time I used that thing, because with that, there are no second chances! But, I didn't fail.

I decided that sewing is something I think I could enjoy doing, since I enjoyed it as a child, which is why I'm signing up for the class. I'm excited to learn how to make simple things and I read that the final project will be something of our choice, so I might make a skirt. We'll see how ambitious I feel.

It's funny because during my teen years, I was quite the little feminist. I scoffed at stay at home moms, who in my mind did nothing all day but clean up poop and never did their make up or hair. I was determined never to become a "Suzie Homemaker". Now here I am, 16 years later, and that is exactly what I am at this present state of my life, a for-real Suzie Homemaker. I'm not sad about it at all. I feel like I've had the opportunity to live both lives and I feel that in probably the next decade I will go back to work and will be doing both. Who knows; we'll see. In the meantime, this true to life Suzie Homemaker is excited about my upcoming sewing adventures.


Elle said…
I am much different now as an adult too (thankfully!).

Good luck with sewing, I have no clue how to do that:)

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