Mama Mondays (On a Tuesday today)

Mama Mondays is meant to write about any sort of special things your little ones have been up to lately, any milestones, your own experiences as a mother or mother figure and also writing about other mothers/mother figures you know. Usually I provide a link up, but am skipping it this week.

I went up to Idaho to visit my family this past week while my hubby went to LA on business and then drove to Denver for his brother's wedding. We were apart for a week, which is why I chose to go up to Idaho. Buddy had fun with my sister and her family and then of course became very clingy and cranky when I went to stay two nights at my parents' house, probably making them think he's a really annoying and whiny little boy. Turns out poor baby had horrible diarrhea due to what I am assuming is a reaction to too much whole milk too soon.

In any case, I had a good time. Friday I got to have a wonderful brunch at my sister-in-law's house and then me, same sister-in-law and my sister went and saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green. I thought it was such a sweet movie and I cried off and on through it. I highly recommend it to any family. Plus, I think most of Jennifer Garner's clothes in are not only very cute but also modest. See Hollywood, you can look cute and classy and still be modest! Suck on that!
I LOVE her dress in this scene. So cute.

My very, very sweet sister-in-law took one year old pictures of Buddy. She did a FANTASTIC job. Here are a few to sample. (And by a few, I mean a lot. She took a ton of pictures. I don't know how to put pictures into a collage, so sorry. Any tips on how to do that would be helpful).

She took my engagement pictures and some family pictures about 6 years ago. I hadn't had her take pictures of us since then, so I was happy to have her take some of Buddy. I love how they turned out! He was a good boy and had fun, even though he was tired.

Buddy is now full on walking/running everywhere, therefore, he is also getting into absolutely everything now. He is still the sweetest little thing though. The drive up to Idaho usually takes a little over 3 hours if you don't stop anywhere, but with a one year old, stopping does occur. I was a little nervous to go because this was my first time going up there alone with Buddy, without my hubby's help in the car. But I just figured we'd stop somewhere to eat dinner and even if he cried, life would go on. He did great! It probably helps that we got him a front facing comfy car seat, which he loves. I also love it, because I can see him through my visor mirror and he can see me and I can also hand him things. He 'talked' to me most of the way up there. Only slept 20 minutes, but on the way home yesterday he slept an hour and a half.

On the way up we stopped at a gas station/Burger King to eat some really crappy dinner (I brought a separate, healthier dinner for Buddy - mine sucked). This family came in with two little kids who were horrible. They were running around everywhere screaming and jumping on the booths. Buddy was hypnotized by them and even tried to somewhat copy their screaming, to which I quickly said, "No, we do not act like that." Not like he understood, but you can never start too early, right?
 Buddy loved this little animated race car night light thing my mom had. He fell asleep watching it. I would like to find him something like that here.

My mom had the opportunity to go to the Republican National Convention in Tampa as a delegate from Idaho. She had a great time, but was exhausted when we saw her. Buddy is scared of her, for some reason. Would you be scared of this cute lady?

I feel so bad and keep trying to tell him, "Buddy, you are NOT winning yourself any points here with Nana!" He's not too afraid of my Dad. I'm hoping he'll grow out of it soon. He enjoyed pushing a 'baby' around in a stroller at my sister's

and enjoyed a ride on the riding lawnmower with me before we headed home.

In any case, we're both glad to be home. I feel so bad for Buddy because he has a horrible, horrible diaper rash due to his bowel issues. He screams and cries bloody murder whenever I change him. I don't blame him, poor little guy. I'm trying to deal with it with some Balmex, plus switching him back to half and half formula/whole milk and taking him off yogurt right now. He slept in until 10:00 this morning, which was nice, but I hope he's okay. Unfortunately, he has to go to his one year check up tomorrow morning. Joy. Wish us luck!


in the coop said…
What beautiful pictures! In many of them, he looks so much like you! Good for you, making that tirp to Idaho while your husband was out of town. I know so many moms who won't do things like that. While I feel bad that my husband can't go on trips with us, I have taken the kids on many vacations by myself. It is more exhausting, but it's worth it.
Suzie Q said…
Thanks, I think he does look a lot like me. I've been wanting to go up to visit my family a lot of times his whole first year of life, but finally got up the guts now that he's older. It wasn't bad! I'm glad I did it.
Mel said…
He is so darned cute! So is your mom, but maybe he's afraid she's going to hit him with that iron...

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