The Epic Reunion of Colonel Pickering and Eliza Doolittle

I have exactly 7 days of school left! The end is near! It hit me yesterday that I leave for my trip to France in about 2 weeks! And I get to go see U2 in a week 1/2, plus spend a night with my sisters and mom in a condo in Park City. Let the summer begin!

Brent rode the Salt Lake Century 100 mile bike ride last weekend. He was awesome! He was able to complete 67 miles, until his knee became very injured because his seat was too low. I was still so proud of him.

This is a picture of him after he was done.

Last weekend my sister also visited and her boys stopped by to say hi with my other sister's two boys. They are goofy. I had a lot to do and said, "Well, I'm going to send you on your way now boys, because I have chores to do, like cleaning the litter box." They wanted to stay and help me, at least this is what they insisted, mostly because they were dying to see the cat crap in the litter box. Fascinating.

One of my good friends from high school also came to visit this weekend, Cory Boudesque. I actually only knew him for about 3 months. He moved in at the beginning of my senior year and we were both cast in "My Fair Lady" together. He was Colonel Pickering and I was Eliza Doolittle.

Ours was a cool friendship, one of those instant connections. I remember walking in to the auditorium on the first day of school my senior year and he was standing toward the stage. I thought, "Huh, that guy must be new. I'll go say hi." This was a very strange thing for me to do, because I was not a social person in high school. But I just marched right up to him and said, "Hi! Are you new?" We started talking, and seriously, we were like best friends from there on out. One of those rare instances where we just understood one another and clicked.

(Homecoming Dance 1998 - My date, Cory. He and the other guy, Dave, decided it would be funny to dye their hair blue. I didn't find it so funny. But he was a great dancer! Even though we both had slight concussions from a car accident earlier that day!)

I hadn't seen him for 11 years, since he lives in Hollywood and I live, well, here, so it was very cool to finally see him and spend time with him and our other friend Callie yesterday.

(Saturday - Cory and Callie at Callie's place, with Callie's dogs Jack and Kip)

It was fun to just feel like me, 'Suzie', again for a while yesterday, instead of 'Mrs.White'.

(We stopped at 'The Living Arts' festival in downtown SLC yesterday. It was interesting. We also enjoyed videotaping and heckling people from our car. Yes, we are very mature)

I'm not quite sure how to explain it. I guess 'Mrs. White' feels a lot of pressure and stress to measure up, to be a good example, to be a real adult, while 'Suzie' is more laid back, creative, fun and easy going. Sometimes I hate being 'Mrs.White'. But I guess that's reality!

Me and Cory, 1998, My Fair Lady

Me and Cory, Saturday night, 2010 - Older but still rockin' it!


Hoenes Family said…
What a fun reunion! 11 year is a long time! Gotta love those instant connections! Have fun at U2 and park city. Give your sisters a hug for me!

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