Happy Birthday Brent! And other Randomness.

I am writing this post on my fabulous new laptop that Brent bought for me today. I have never, ever had my own laptop. I've never really had something technological that is brand new and all mine. It's kind of exciting! I know, I'm a huge dork. But I LOVE this laptop. I think I want it to have my children, that's how much I love it. Just kidding.

Tomorrow is Brent's birthday. He'll be 34. I can't believe I'm married to someone THAT OLD! Just kidding Brent. I'm old too. It's really hit me hard this year that I am officially old in the eyes of all people 25 and younger. To them I say, "Suck it monkeys!"

To Brent I say Happy Birthday. I love, love, love this man. He's a great support, friend, and partner to me. And lets be honest, he's a cute, cuddly, photogenic guy.

I get to go spend a 4 day weekend up at my parent's house this week. I'm very excited to go spend some time with my mom and dad and some of my sibs. There's just something very nice about going on walks with my mom, watching TV with my dad, just hanging out at one of my sister's. I'm excited!


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