Brent's Graduation

So it's been a long time since I posted anything on here. To be honest, I'm kind of falling out of the whole blogging thing. I figure my life is interesting to me, but probably boring to everyone else, since my entire life right now is consumed with teaching jr high kids and anxiety about having a family.

But, I felt compelled to post the latest, and that is that Brent graduated from Weber State on Friday. He got his BA in French Commercial Business. I'm very, very proud of him. When the band began to play Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance, I admit, I got a little teary eyed, especially when I saw him walk out on the floor in his cap and gown. This has been a very, very long day coming. Brent is 33 and has worked very hard for this degree. Some of you might think, "Holy crap, 33 and just barely getting a BA?" But, there's a lot that goes in to his story, a lot of hard work, disappointment, learning to focus on things and finally finding his niche in the world, something that makes him happy and passionate about life. So even though it's been a long road, I am sincerely and purely happy for him. He is such a good, sweet, honest, brilliant man (not to brag or anything). I just really think the road is wide open for him now, the possibilities are out there, which is a little scary, but exciting too. So Brent, good work. I'm proud of you hubby! His mom and step dad flew out from Oklahoma, which wasy very nice, and my parents and little bro Jared came down. Thanks fam!

We also got to go to the MOTAB Christmas concert on Saturday night. I really hope this can become a tradition for as long as we live here. The concert was of course nothing else but perfection. It always blows my mind how someone can direct that many people on stage. The amount of work, costuming, set design, stage managing, filming, recording, and performing that go in to these concerts is incredible. It would seriously be a dream for me to one day somehow be involved with one. It really helped to set the Christmas off for me, even though afterwards I got stuck behind a very, very large old lady and ended up calling her a Rhino (not to her face of course, but I know, it still wasn't very nice). Then I got stuck behind a bunch of old people who could have made it easier on all of us if they were just cruising around in their Jazzy's. I referred to them as Cocoon and Company. Yeah, I'm a great person. But still, it was a great night!


ashton fam said…
Hooray! Congrats to Brent! Congrats to you also, takes a whole lot of love and support from the ladies to get those husbands through school! By the way, I love reading your blog- I really should start one up one of these days. Merry Christmas!
Hoenes Family said…
Cocoon and Company! You are so hilarious. I love it. Riding around in their Jazzy's! I see it all the time here in Arizona. I live close to a city that is full of retired people. It is not unusual to see an elderly person riding on their Jazzy with their American flag attached riding down the street! Cracks me right up. WAY TO GO BRENT!!!! That is such hard work. I teared up when Taylor walked too. Such a proud moment!
Leslie said…
Brent, Congratulations on graduating! How wonderful.
Karla said…
Nice work, Brent! Felicitaciones! And, for the record, I like reading about The White House, too!

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