Sophie's Fleas

So, my cat has fleas. Dang mongrel. I guess we're pretty lucky to have gone almost 4 years with her and not have them at all until now. As a result we have been waking up to weird bumps (flea bites) on our arms, fingers and legs. Well, Brent had them on his legs. To get rid of them we have to completely clean out everything, or the area we think they are in, vacuum it and spray this flea spray on everything. We also have to wash everything. So we started with our basement today, washing all the blankets, everything. Let me tell you how excited I am to gut out my bedroom and do that room in a couple of days! Dang cat! Sometimes I wonder if all of the annoyances, like paying for declawing, cat fight vet bills, shots, hurt paw vet bills, cat toys, cat water fountain, cat tree, cat bed, cat food, cat sitter and now cat fleas is worth actually having this cat. But, then I look at this little face

and to me, it's worth it. Because folks, she is one of a kind, my little friend, fleas and all.

On another note, school starts this Thursday! I've been in meetings this whole last week, getting the classroom and curriculum ready, all that stuff and I am dog tired! I went to bed, on a Friday night, last night at 10:45 and woke up this morning at 10:15. I was out cold. I'm really hoping my body gets used to this! I'm going to take some pics of my classroom to post, because I'm so excited just to have MY OWN classroom! About a week 1/2 ago one of my best friends, Elisa, stayed with us and took some pictures of us. She edited two while she was here, for fun, and I really like them, so I'm going to post them. I'm very grateful to have such a talented friend!

Thanks Elisa!! :)


Reading your post reminded me when you were deciding whether to declaw Sophie or not and how you were looking at the videos on the internet of how they did it. Suzie, that cat better love you back!!!! :) Congrats on school! You are going to do amazing and the kids will love you and learn so much. And the pictures look beautiful!
Hoenesclan said…
EWWWW! FLEAS! I had lice when I was in 6th grade and it was awful. Hey, at least your house will come out better for it, right!? I LOVE your pics. Elisa is so talented. I idolize that picture of you and Brent. It reminds me of that perfect picture I have always wanted to have of Taylor and I but probably will never happen! You both are photogenic. Good luck with school! You are going to do great!

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