One Crazy Week

This is a long post. I have a lot to say, so, read if you want. So this past week has been incredibly exhausting and stressful, but fortunately has ended on a very uplifting note. School started for me on Thursday and today. I had meetings all day on Monday, was gone from 7:15 in the morning until 8:30 at night, totally drained and walked in the door to find my poor Sophie cat with a very swollen face, hard as a rock, burning hot and heart beating fast. We took her to the emergency vet. I wasn't too worried about it, just thought it was an infection from her cat fight in May, but the doctor said her temp. was at 106, which is high for a cat and he was very concerned that she might have feline AIDS. He said to be prepared for the worst. So of course I imagined the worst, coming home to an empty house, no more crazy psycho high on crack cat, my little friend gone. She ended up having surgery that night and we had to pick her up at 2 in the morning. Turns out she had skin dying from the inside out and they had to cut it all out, leaving 5 stitches and a drain coming out of her face. She gets to wear a funky little cone and is doped up on pain meds most of the 24 hours out of the day. She had a hard time balancing with the cone, falling over, running in to things, falling off things, but she's starting to get the hang of it.

So, hopefully she'll be ok. I didn't sleep hardly at all that night because I was so worried about her. I've been worried sick about her, plus just plain exhausted from everything else going on. Thank goodness for a very nice neighbor and sister who were willing to go in and check on her for me while I was gone in meetings and preparation all day. The very next night I had back to school night. I was so exhausted, but just kept praying to have the energy to make it through the day.

So when Thursday rolled around and the kids showed up for their first day of school at Syracuse Arts Academy, their little smiles and fun attitudes totally boosted my energy. I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I'm teaching a lot younger kids than I originally wanted to (7th & 8th graders). It's a whole different ball game from high school. But so far the kids are so dang cute. I was talking to one boy about his dog and he said, "Oh, I just LOVE that little dog! He's so cute and fat! I just love him!" It made me laugh pretty hard.

I had a surreal moment or two yesterday. After the kids left, I walked back in to my classroom and just stood there, realizing that everything I have worked so hard for, not just in these past 2 1/2 years, but really for my entire life, everything I have been through these past 6 1/2 years, have led up to this point in my life. I really do have the dream job, for me anyway. I'm teaching Integrated Arts; teaching Visual Arts, Movement, Music, Theatre, a culmination of everything I have ever studied and learned for my entire life. How lucky am I that I get to teach ALL of those things, in a brand spanking new school with other dedicated and talented people to hopefully very sweet and good children? I have always wanted to do good in my life, to have some sort of impact on the world I live in, to use my abilities and talents for good. It was just the weirdest and very emotional moment for me yesterday to realize, well, this is it! Here I am! Mrs. White! Yep. With all of its stress, sleepless nights, crazy hours of planning and meetings, even more hours and hours of planning to come, life is pretty good! :)

PS - Here are some pictures of Sophie with her funky cone & stitches, and my new classroom!


Congratulations on your new job, Mrs. White! You are in the perfect place to use your many talents ... your students are lucky to have you!

As for Sophie, we are praying for you. I know how much you love that fun cat, and heck, if it were my pet, I'd be a wreck. We hope all goes well for her. We are praying for you!
Karla said…
Hey congrats on the job! I hadn't heard the news. Hooray for you! But I am sorry to hear about Sophie.
Hoenesclan said…
Suzie, I am glad you made it through those very stressful days. I hope poor Sophie continues to heal. Have a cat appears to be just as stressful as having a child! Good luck with everything. I am so glad you have your dream job. You deserve it.
MamaMimi said…
Poor Soph! So glad she's on the mend. And that she's got a fantastically loving nurse (who also needs one of her own for her worried heart). Poor, poor babies! How does something like that even happen?

As for the new job, I am so ecstatic for you. Seriously, I love to witness this crowning moment for you, where it all comes together in this glorious culmination. Congratulations, Suz.

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