Mother's Day Weekend

This is a picture of my new ring from the antique store website. Isn't it pretty? :)

Sophie, not looking too hot after her fight last night

About a year ago, last June 24 to be exact, I lost my wedding ring. I lost it about 4 times before that, but was always able to find it in weird places. This time, not so lucky. Luckily, I had it insured and was able to file a claim on it and get some money, although not the full replacement cost, which sucked. So, I've been without a ring for the past year. I had looked at some rings at a great antique store, Antoinette's Jewelry in SLC, and saw one I liked about two months ago. Brent went to go get it yesterday, to surprise me for Mother's Day, but found out it had been sold. I was very, very sad! But, he still surprised me and got me another one, one that I had actually tried on and just didn't think I could actually get. It is from the 1910-1920's, with a 1 carat European cut diamond, filigree design and blue saphires on each side. It is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love it! So, I had to take some pictures and show it off, because I can't stop looking at it. I'm normally not a real jewelry person, but hey, who can say no to this right? Brent went to a lot of lengths to get this ring for me, which I won't go in to on here (if you want the full story, ask and I'll tell you). It makes me happy that my husband loves and knows me so well. I'm very grateful to be married to such a sweet man.

In other news, I've been pretty sick all weekend, which really stinks. The good part of that is that I've been able to lie around and watch movies all weekend. Yeah!

Unfortunately Sophie got in her first real, official cat fight last night. She is pretty beat up. The right side of her face is all swollen. I feel so bad for her. She has just been sleeping a lot, poor thing. Although, she is the one that started the fight. Never mind the fact that she has no claws at all and the other cat is a size bigger than her (if you can believe it). I'm sure she'll recover. Hopefully she learned a lesson. But, I doubt it.


Lisa said…
Holy crap! The ring is amazing!!! I can't wait to see it in person! And of course I would love hearing the story! So fun! I'm so excited for you! Boy, I'm using a lot of exclamations... so when do you want to go do a girl's dinner-out?!
Hoenesclan said…
Your ring is beautiful! I am glad you had a nice weekend. Poor Sophie!
Sonnet said…
Girl I hope you dont lose your ring as many times as the last one! Its beautiful!! poor kitty!

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