Testosterone Time!

For the past two weeks I have been teaching 10Th grade English and Health at Davis High School. I'll be there for 6 more. It has been ... interesting, to say the least. I'm happy to say and feel that it has been going A LOT better than my student teaching. I have felt so much more confident in handling the class, dealing with behavior issues, not being scared to be mean or discipline. I really am just hoping it will be better once it is MY classroom, not someone else's. I have been offered two different jobs, one for Jr high drama, the other for English at a charter school. I turned down the drama one because it wasn't even half time, just two classes, and I need more than that. I'm considering the English one, but it would involve a 40 - 50 minute commute each day, one way, depending on the weather. I'm trying to decide if I should continue to hold out for something here in Davis District, but there are no guarantees, and it freaks me out that if I turn down this, I won't get anything.

I have to say that teaching has its ups and downs. I need to focus on the ups more than the downs, which are mostly behavior and classroom management issues. Kids these days can be so rude, snotty, arrogant, bratty, without ethics or morals ... and yet you still have the kids that work hard, are funny, sweet, try their best, have their own issues outside of the classroom ... so I guess I need to remember all of that too.

I have one English class that is full of 16 year old boys, except for 3 girls. Needless to say it is pure chaos, frustrating, and extremely entertaining! Their hormones really are out of control. I just sit back and listen to some of the things they say and laugh my head off. It is pure testosterone for an hour and a half in the classroom. I realized that actually, out of the 6 classes I am teaching, most of the students are boys! Weird, I'm not sure how it worked out that way. But it's good for me, and like I said, never short on entertainment or stories.

This isn't the most inspiring or funny post. I guess it was mostly for me, just giving an update on my life! :)


Being a sub in general has it ups and downs but I know you are doing a great job Suzie! I bet the kids love you, even the 16 year old's or especially the 16 year old boys I should say! :) Good luck with everything!
Karla said…
Wish you the best in making your decision(s)! I'm sure it will work out well.
Sonnet said…
I agree with the kids today. Im considering have a talk to the beehives about respect. I cant believe the things they say or do to me & other leaders. At least you have all that entertainment! Good luck!

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