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Most of you out there know I have a very tender spot in my heart for animals, namely cats and dogs. I fully admit that I cried a little at the end of Bolt ... a freaking cartoon! I also cried at the end of Hidalgo, when Vigo lets his horse free to be with the wild horses. Brent turned around and saw me crying and asked, "Why are you crying?" I said, "I'm just so happy he gets to go be with his horse friends!" I also remember sobbing with my head on my desk in third grade as my teacher read the end of Where The Red Fern Grows. Well, I wrote this poem about six months after we got my feline daughter Sophie. Okay, feline daughter is totally a joke from a SNL episode (Brent will get it). I don't really think of Sophie as my feline daughter! More like my feline friend. I really strongly believe that these animals have their own little personalities and spirits and that they make great little friends. I'm sure some of you will laugh at this, but, what can I say, I needed to write something today that makes me happy, and Sophie makes me happy.


You came here not
by choice, but as a last resort.
Both of us were lost,
abandoned, and completely
We fought, words were exchanged,
tears shed,
but in the end always a reconciliation
from both.
We have been weary of one another,
have grown together,
tolerated, revered, feared and loved.
I think the reason I cannot abandon
you is that when I look into your
eyes, I still see pieces of distrust,
regret, fear and pain, but also,
I see flecks of hope, shadows of a
trust that will grow – I see me.
You brought happiness and frustration,
yet something
tangible for me to
grasp on to as I
desperately clung to my life.
I see now,
that in the end,
we saved
each other.
And now,
we are friends.



~Debby~ said…
Awww cute!
I cried too, your not alone...
I must admit, to see you outside yesterday with a leash on your cat was quite amusing. I know you love Sophie (you must or else you would have killed her when she scratched your new leather couch!) and I am happy for you. I have told you before that your story of skipping through a field of wildflowers with all your pets helped my children when our cat got sick. I am glad there are people like you out there Suzie. These animals need you. In fact, I am pretty sure MY cat wants to live with you and needs you. She is calling for you....can you hear her?
Sonnet said…
How precious! :) I agree with Jenni its good there is people like you that love animals that much! I have to say I couldnt wait till we got rid of our boxer we owned before we moved into that ward. Sad I know. I have a that good?
Hoenesclan said…
Okay, who DOESN'T cry when reading "Where the Red Fern Grows"? I cried when I watched animal planet because they had to put a dog to sleep. Okay, I was pregnant, but still! It was sad. I think it is great you have such a love for animals. As long as you don't pull a Paris Hilton on me and carry Sophie around in your purse with a hot pink cat dress. Oh dear.
vdg family said…
I cried too at the end of "Where the Red Fern Grows" but I can't remember why--I can't remember the story line. If Bolt is sad at the end, I am not sure I can watch it. Any sadness in shows leads to a storm of tears in my pathetic case. :) But interim I am dandy. Melanie O VDG

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