Adventures in Sub-Land!

(First off, I just have to say that I liked this cartoon. Sometimes it feels this way. And sometimes I think it's true!)
I have been subbing for the past month and a half and all I can say is that it has been very entertaining, frustrating, and interesting. Kids are weird and entertaining, confusing, annoying, sweet, rude, obnoxious, funny, endearing and more. I have subbed kindergarten, first grade, third and fourth grades, and 7-9 grades. It has been quite the adventure, from getting locked out of the school with 5 kindergarteners after recess and having to run past the front office with all of them in tow, to having to switch back and forth from teaching 7 years olds one day and 15 year olds the next. Believe me, the way you interact and deal with them is very different from one another!
Here are some of my favorite quotes and experiences from the past month:

Nic (3rd grader): "Mrs. White?"
Me: "Yes Nic?"
Nic: You are, well, you are just the nicest woman I have ever met!"

4th Grade Boy: "They call me the stink bomb at recess!"
Me: "Why is that?"
4th Grade Boy: "Because all I have to do is go and breathe on them and then they die!"
(He then proceeds to exhale a giant breath into my face. Let's just say he lives up to the nickname!)

(In a 3rd grade class we couldn't get one boy's backpack open. We struggled and struggled, and finally got it open. I then exclaimed sarcastically to the class:
Me: "It's a miracle!" - to which Matt replied ...
Matt (3rd grader): "May the Lord have mercy on the holy backpack!"

7th Grader 1: "Hey Mrs. White! I think I've seen you before!"
7th Grader 2: "You stalk Mrs. White?"
Me (looking at 7th Grader 1): So YOU were the one hiding in my bushes last night! I wondered who that was!"
(He then blushed and had nothing else to do but laugh)

And finally, one of the things that makes it all worth it, here is a note that a 1st grader, Justin, wrote on the whiteboard for me after school:
"Dear Mrs. White, I love you so so so so much! Love Justin"

Stay tuned for more adventures in Sub-Land!


MamaMimi said…
Ummmm...I think, I THINK, you're kind of the bomb, Suz!!
These are so great, and I'm so glad you've documented them! They'll definitely see you through the rough days!
Oh, and Mrs. White? You're so pretty. :D
I love the things the kids say to you!

I bet you're an awesome teacher! :)

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