6th Anniversary Getaway

This past Saturday was mine and Brent's 6th wedding anniversary (yes, we got married on Valentine's Day - that way Brent never has an excuse to forget our anniversary! :) It's been quite the ride these past 6, really 7 years ( don't make me explain the 7). We have both learned so much about true love, sacrifice, charity, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, empathy, generosity, friendship and companionship. I am so happy and so blessed to be married to Brent. He is absolutely my very best friend in the world. He understands me better than anyone, besides my parents and of course Heavenly Father. He knows just how to comfort me, give me advice and counsel. He knows when to back off and let me do things on my own and when I really need him there by my side. We have been through a lot and I wouldn't trade these past 6 years of my life with him for anything. I greatly respect him for all that he is, who he has become and overcome and who is striving to be. I love you Brentie!

I included a few pics of our getaway up to Henry's Lake this weekend at my parents cabin. We went cross country skiing, Brent made me a gourmet meal, and we played games with my parents and bro Jared and just relaxed and had a great time. While I was packing for the trip I put our duffle bag on the bed, left the room, and when I came back in Sophie was in it. I think she wanted to come. Too bad, she could have hung out with the Bobcat (or as Brent prefers to call them, RoberCats) my mom saw hanging outside the cabin door a few months ago. Scary!


I'm glad you had an awesome anniversary! When I saw the picture of you at the table with the food, I thought you were at some rustic restaurant. "Chez Blanc" looks great --- Brent is quite the gourmand!

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