Santa Claus Hobo sings Mozart's Requiem

My brother Jared and I had the opportunity to go to the Utah Symphony's performance of Mozart's Requiem this past Saturday night. Jared was really pumped because he hadn't been to a concert in Abravenel Hall since high school. While we were sitting in the audience waiting for the concert to begin, the soloists walked out on stage. The bass soloist (singing, not cello-bass), was a tall black guy. Jared asked me if I had seen or knew of that many professional black opera singers and I said I don't know. He was very impressed with the guy. He then made a very sincere comment that just made me laugh. He said, "Well ... good for him for not choosing rap!" I started laughing and said, "Yeah, as if he had any other choice. It's rap or opera, make a choice man!" We both laughed pretty hard. I then noticed a man in the choir that looked like a Santa Claus hobo I saw in the downtown SLC library a few years ago. His beard was gigantic, went all the way up into his hair. It was like a hair/beard helmet, like the helmets that you put on lego people. I pointed him out to Jared and once again we started laughing really hard. Jared then noticed that Santa had an elf singing with him (a really short guy down on the first row of the choir). Besides being easily amused, the concert was great! It was really cool to hear the requiem performed live, even though we have been spoiled listening to it all these years performed by the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields on the Amadeus soundtrack. It was a fun night!


Hoenesclan said…
That is so fun you and Jared got to go to that! There is no way I could drag Taylor to a concert like that! I wish!
Sonnet and Dave said…
Yeah I couldnt get Dave to go anywhere like that either. Sounds like a lot of fun.

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