Happy New Years Eve!

I don't have much to post about, except that it's been so nice to have a break and I'm not very excited to start subbing on Monday. But until then, PARTY! We had a great Christmas. Brent gave me a hamburger phone like the one on the movie Juno. I laughed so hard. I love it! We spent Christmas Eve with my sister Missy and her family and it was perfect. I love those guys. We had some crazy, fantastic, delicious pain au chocolat (French pastry) on Christmas morning with some Christmas Morning Breakfast Casserole and just hung out in our pj's all day. Driving up to Rexburg over the weekend was a pain in the arse, but we had a good time seeing family and playing games and as always, eating too much and as always, indulging in a little family drama. It just wouldn't be the holidays without some, right? But, it's all good. I love my family very, very much and it was great to spend a little time with them. My sister-in-law Cami took some pictures of us in the snow and framed them for us (one of them is posted above). We are going to the Olive Garden tonight, playing rock band, watching Get Smart and more movies and just spending time alone. Hope everyone has a great New Years!


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