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The Epic Summer of 2016

We had quite the busy summer this year! I have a lot of catching up to do. I like to write on here mostly because I use it as a journal for the year for myself and the doings of my family and print it out at the end of the year. Some summers we have been pretty low-key and haven't gone anywhere. This summer, boy were we everywhere. It was exhausting. I don't think I want to do it again next summer!

Preschool Graduation
We kicked off the summer with Jack graduating from Miss Laura's pre-school. He had a little ceremony to commemorate his two years of playing and learning with her. I'm happy he had the chance to have such a great teacher for two years. It was also nice it was just around the corner so I could drive there looking like the hot mess I am in the mornings and not give a poop. :)

Visiting Grandma & Grandpa in St. George
We spent Memorial Day Weekend with my in-laws who live in St. George, which was really our real kick-off of the summer. My boys love the…

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